Alone Together


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Meüte is :
Jipé : Bass // Backing Vocals
Mat : Guitar // Backing Vocals
Pierre : Drums // Backing vocals
Romain : Lead vocals

This EP was written and composed by Meüte.
All Artworks by Romain.

Drums recorded at Cryogene Prod. Guitars, Bass and Vocals home recorded by Meüte at AREMA Rock & Chanson.

Mixed by Amaury Sauvé at The Apiary.

Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering.


released September 2, 2016

As always, thanks to our families and close friends for helping out and following us.



all rights reserved


MEÜTE Bordeaux, France

Meüte is one, Meüte is unity. Celebrating its positive attitude towards personal events and obstacles, its spirit relies on one’s will to go straight forward through harsh and cheerful times, getting our feelings to the climax to better understand ourselves. Fraternity, friendship & respect. Meüte happens when friends gather around, share simple moments, unpleasant thoughts and obsessions. ... more

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Track Name: Oath
Side by side we now march as one
With our chest opened wide
Track Name: Ubuntu
At some point we’ve all been brought down to our knees
Scratching, grating our brain until it bleeds
Slowly cowering away from others
But that’s what had us bound
And no matter what, it has only begun

Different paths, different embers
we’ve been walking on.

The smell of the floor might be more familiar to you
Than the sense of belonging we all crave for
We all know what defeat tastes like
Shove it down back your throat and carve it with your lungs
Rise, my friends, just shout something out,
Don’t drag that shadow all alone,

Think out loud, unfold yourself
Our only way out from the frauds

Track Name: My World Died With That Smirk
I wish they could have been wiser
Pointing out your distress.
Standing alone on that basketball court
Always the one being picked last.
But did you even feel let down?
Was it just condescension towards you?


Your lack of apathy for those bastards’ assumptions
Was worth a thousand tears
You’re strong inside, no need compassion to live

The precise instant we name one a weak,
We’re burying down so much possibilities
Deep down the dregs of society

Ever since that day my world died with your smile
All the assumptions of a boy
Crushed by that smirk

Something was so vivid way back in there
A move towards growing up
So lame we really need that fucking habit
Judging, measuring, sorting out and marginalizing everything we know
Every single piece of that social puzzle
Starting out by the edges, the corners, the broken pieces
That won’t fit anywhere else like the others.
Every broken piece of that social puzzle
That won’t fit anywhere else like the others.
Track Name: M(e)ute
It’s been quite a long journey alongside the worst of my enemies
Staggering in emptiness, drunk on solitude,
Nothing to say anymore.
No one to share this with
The fear of nothingness, the anguish of idleness and self-sufficiency
I drown myself In labor
Trying not to overthink it all

But time has passed and now I know
What my guts are craving for
Amongst my peers I’ll never think that way again

From one of us my own story started
Loyalty to its best, I’ll never forget.
The pack has formed
And deep from the heart
I worship the horde

Now I shout out my only faith
In the stray ones who became the friends.
A handful of hopes
In the pack We have formed
To all our friends
Listen my claim
We are the pack
You are the pack


Thank you for the lift !
Friendship and brotherhood,
Our solemn oath
To one another:


The pack has formed
And deep from the heart
I worship the horde.
Side by side
We now march as one
With our chest opened wide
Track Name: Værøy
[Il y a quelques années de cela, alors que j'avais peu et parfois pas d'argent du tout, j'avais pensé prendre le large et voir les océans. Chaque fois que je me sens d'humeur chagrine et mélancolique, chaque fois qu'un novembre pluvieux et glacial pénètre mon âme, je sais qu'il est grand temps pour moi de reprendre la mer. Quelque soit le chemin qui vous plaise et que l'on a choisi, neuf fois sur dix, il vous mène à l'eau. Il y a dans l'eau une magie qui attire les Hommes et les conduit à travers plaines et vallées, jusqu'à la mer. La mer, où chaque Homme, comme dans une miroir, retrouve sa propre image.]

Les pieds noircis par cette marche effrénée
De nouveau sur le quai, souvenir des heures passées
Avenir rude mais trop grand pour laisser filer le temps
Je ne sais plus quoi penser de ma frêle hardiesse.
Un coup de sifflet de plus, j’embarque pour le large,
M’élancer dans le rien, le grand tout de mes angoisses.
Sombre et délicieuse perte que celle des repères
Ne plus anticiper mais juste se laisser porter.
Vers cette île aux crêtes acérées
C’est dans le grand rien que tout me revient enfin,
Au rythme des vagues martelant la roche
Et du flot des pensées qui font valser mes tempes.


Somptueuse formation de mes plus lourdes émotions
Je viens gravir ton échine et t’admirer de haut
Le soleil de minuit éclaira mes pas
À travers la brume épaisse de mon cœur
À travers ma nuit intérieure.
Las mais déterminé à vouloir t’apprivoiser,
Entends-tu ma hâte partout résonner ?
Au rythme de mes pas déchaînés.
Aveuglé par ton élégant mystère,
Je ne suis enfin plus sourd à moi-même !
Mais sous ton charme je me sens transcendé,
Arrivé au bout de moi-même.
Je t’ai troqué mes peurs contre le jour salvateur
Plus que quelques heures encore.
À déambuler telle une bête affligée,
Mais baignée de lumière dans ce spectacle divin.
Sans craindre cette lourdeur qui me brisait les reins
Encore, encore, ce n’est qu’à l’extrême des sens
Que je me sens exister.
Les images tournent et reviennent dans ma tête,
Expérience extrême pour l’infatigable que je suis.

Face à l’immensité dans laquelle j’ai chaviré,
Plus que quelques heures encore,
À déambuler telle une bête affligée,
Mais baignée de lumière dans ce spectacle divin,
Sans craindre cette lourdeur qui me creusait les reins.

Et c’est dans la plénitude que je m’éloigne,
Track Name: The Day Your Shadow Became A Friend
At the autumn of my thoughts, I reckon the cold
The overwhelming mist that covered my lie so well I trusted it
Frozen to the bones but so thrilled at your side
I’d never forsake the warmth of your smile.
I enjoyed so much our long walks at dusk
The only moment I couldn’t discern
Our shadows on the frozen ground
Pale and blurry, like they were one
Like we were one.
At the autumn of my thoughts, I reckon the cold
The overwhelming mist that covered my lie so well I trusted it.

A will to be blind
A need to shut down
That black light of mine
A vow out of spite.

It might have been some kind of satisfaction
Knowing my bias for self-depletion
Getting me crawling around
I befriended your shadow only to make it mine
To form a distorted version of a us
The reflection of a monster
I’d never meet, a lovely beast.
I still cherish those prompt but lovely hours
Where, the eyes fixed on the pavement,
I could happily observe
That shadows never overlap
They just melt
No matter the proximity
I fed that lovely beast on purpose
But I got devoured by its greed
I became the ever hanging shadow behind your back
The one you never asked for.
Track Name: Alone Together
Hear me society,
Nothing personal, but absurdly communal,
I can’t stand crawling amongst your filth.
Neither do I enjoy the disturbing stench of grieving hypocrisy,
Nor do I want to let a tear fall down,
Down the asphalt, or the blood stained streets,
The fertile ground of your ignominy.

I never managed to widen up my comfort zone,
Every stare, a provocation,
Any touch, a battle engaged,
Yet I have the strongest faith in your essence.


Isn’t that the beauty of you?
Anonymously hitting the pavement,
To be able to hate you for what you’re not,
Because you’re everything and nothing
Easy process !
I don’t want to dilute the love I carry
To make the phoneys think that everything’s fine together.
That’s why I focus my resentment on your grotesque icons,
And my devotion on those who think I’m worth it.
I’m just trying to fuel what could gather people around,

Don’t mind me hating everyone
Because your “everyone” just doesn’t exist.